Ryan Lavery is a disciple within the art of self-improvement that seeks to refine his knowledge of authentic health from the world-wide-web, so he knows exactly how it feels when his cords break and cut off his access to the supreme databank of human knowledge. Ryan loves to study human psychology; the mindsets that make us succeed and those that make us fail, and what gives an Olympian their mental edge over the average person; but who truly wants to spend more than 100 dollars to fix computer chargers? For this reason, Ryan strives to help others have the same resources he uses to walk along the path of sincere vitality. Through habits such as the adoption of intermittent fasting and daily cold showers, the goal-setting abilities that got him to 100 pushups in 25 days, and the passion to understand what within our minds drives us to be our greatest heroes or our worst enemies, Ryan has gained a unique skill set that allows him to connect with minds in the search for knowledge. And so he wonders: “What is my next challenge?”

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