Matthew knows first hand the sense of waste and hypocrisy involved in throwing garbage or recycling in a labeled bin, while knowing it will end up polluting the environment in a landfill either here or across the globe. He is passionate about promoting global social justice through dialogue, service, and scientific innovation. He is happiest working in a lab and has worked in the fields of robotics/computer science/electrical engineering at USC and in evolutionary biology and biomathematics at UCLA during the summer; he also enjoys working in his backyard or garage lab, as this allows him to spend time with is lab assistant, who happens to be a dog. He is active in Polytechnic School’s Global Initiatives Program, and enjoys blogging about social justice, as well as tweeting and posting to Instagram. He is a Caroline D. Bradley Scholar, which is a merit-based scholarship that covers his full high school tuition and provides networking and other amazing opportunities. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he would say: a kind and compassionate person who manages to make a net positive difference in the world.

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