Finnegan Keller’s interests may seem contradictory at first glance. He is passionate about the way things work. He loves astrophysics, chemistry and the emerging field of functional medicine. He is also fascinated with relationships, especially the dynamics of inclusion and difference. With six years of debate, he has learned to adjudicate, but as a certified peer mediator, he has had to listen rather than take a side. In his seasons of basketball and acting in plays, he’s begun to truly understand the value of being a member of a group, but while playing tennis, he has had to develop independence. Working on Team Emergence has allowed him to apply and gain scientific knowledge about the complex chemistry of designing this type of product, and the ways that restoring and repairing cords will help save our planet. Being a part of this team has forced him both to advocate for the Cord Restored product and, as a part of the LaunchX Clubs program, respect and engage in other people’s ideas. Additionally, collaborating with his fellow students has challenged him to practice the arts of strategy and compromise, developing his leadership skills. He’s enjoyed being a part of Team Emergence because it’s allowed him to stay curious about myriad interests. He can’t wait to see what new things his work here will lead him to discover!

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